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  • Name Change in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire Name Change Package - $29.95

    Miss Now Mrs's Name Change Packages automates the completion of the required forms to change your name in New Hampshire. Simply complete a quick questionnaire, print out the forms and file them. It couldn't be easier.

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    Name Change Package
    Includes Forms for:

    • Drivers License
    • Vehicle Title
    • Registration
    • IRS
    • Voter Registration
    • US Passport
    • Bank Notification
    • Credit Card Notification
    • Insurance Notification

    Notifying the DMV

    If you have changed your name due to divorce, marriage, adoption, or even artistic compulsion you must notify the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in writing within 10 days.

    When you do make sure you change your name on your driver's license first. The DMV will then automatically apply this information toward updating your registration and title.

    Changing Name on License or ID Card

    To update your name on your license or ID visit any New Hampshire DMV office with:

    • A completed Record Change Request (Form DSMV 30).
    • Your current NH driver's license.
    • Proof of your name change, such as your:
      • Marriage certificate.
      • Divorce decree.
      • Passport.
      • Court decree.
      • Adoption decree.

    You will be mailed a free replacement driver's license showing your new name.

    You are not required to present an updated Social Security card, unless you are using it as a source of identification, but it's not a bad idea to affect that name change as well. Visit Social Security Online for more information about the process.

    Changing Name on Registration

    After changing your name on your license, you can request your name to be changed on your vehicle registration. An agent will then process you a new registration.

    Changing Name on Title

    Since your name change information was already filed when you updated your license you do not have to visit any offices or make any phone calls to update your title. If, however, you want a duplicate title showing your new name, you must submit a completed Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form TDMV 18) along with a check/money order for $25 and mail it to:

    • New Hampshire
    • Department of Safety
    • DMV - Title
    • 23 Hazen Drive
    • Concord, NH 03305

    You will be mailed a replacement vehicle title within 5 business days.

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