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  • Commercial Driver FAQs in New Hampshire

    Where to Find CDL Info

    Becoming licensed to drive a commercial motor vehicle is a lengthy process, and at some point you might have questions. has covered the basics of applying for a CDL, obtaining commercial driver education, renewing your CDL and replacing a lost CDL, as well as state and federal CDL rules, equipment, and safety.

    I've been convicted of a traffic violation. How should I handle this regarding my CDL?

    You'll need to tell your employer within 30 days of the conviction, unless it was a parking ticket.

    I'm familiar with the classes and endorsements of CDLs, but what are the restrictions?

    The following restrictions can be placed on CDLs in New Hampshire:

    • Code A: No restrictions
    • Code B: Corrective lens
    • Code C: Mechanical aid
    • Code D: Prosthetic aid
    • Code E: Automatic transmission
    • Code F: Outside mirror
    • Code G: Limited to daylight only
    • Code K: CDL intrastate only
    • Code L: No air brakes
    • Code O: Except tractor trailers

    New residents transferring their CDLs to New Hampshire may have a Code T, which means it is temporary for 60 days.

    I refused an alcohol test when I was pulled over last night. I know I wasn't over the limit, but I didn't want to be out-of-service, either―I had a drink or two. What happens now?

    You should have risked being out-of-service for 24 hours, because refusing an alcohol test causes your CDL to be revoked.

    My CDL has been suspended, but my boss let me make a big delivery this morning―I was caught. What now?

    You (and possibly your employer) face being fined up to $5,000, plus jail time.

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