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    While nobody likes to receive a traffic ticket, the citations do serve a noble purpose. For example, speeding tickets are issued because your risk of death or serious injury increases for every mile you are traveling over the posted speed limit. If you've recently received a traffic ticket, consider it the DMV's way of reminding you to drive safely.

    More Than Just a Fine

    Traffic tickets represent more than a sum of money to be paid to the court; they also add points to your driving record and can also result in increased premiums from your insurance company.

    One way to handle the accumulation of points is to take a driver education course. The DMV certifies various third-party course providers throughout the state, and completion of a certified course can take two points off your record. You can only attend the course once every 5 years, and only if you have accrued less than 12 points.

    Check Your Driving Record

    For information on how to view your complete driving history in Nebraska, please read our page about Driving Records in NE.

    How Do I Pay a Traffic Ticket?

    You can submit your payment to the address listed on the back of the ticket. Or, pay online, using Visa, MasterCard, or a debit card. You cannot, however, use the online option to settle a parking ticket.

    It's important to remember that paying the fine and any associated court costs will be considered an admission of guilt. You can't contest the ticket after submitting your payment. For additional information, please see our article on Paying Your Traffic Ticket.

    What if I Don't Believe I Was Actually Speeding?

    If you've received a speeding ticket, the officer had reasonable grounds to believe you were violating the speed limit. It does not matter if you were just following the flow of traffic or if you believe you were singled out from a group of speeding drivers.

    If there is a discrepancy between the officer's measurement of your speed and your own statement of how fast you were driving, the courts are likely to rule in favor of the officer. Generally, tickets are given after the officer has measured your speed with radar or another electric device. This measurement is considered to be much more accurate than any measurement taken from the speedometer in your car.

    Nebraska residents who wish to contest their tickets for speeding or other traffic offenses can choose to appear in court. Contact the clerk of the County Court in which your ticket was issued to learn about court dates.

    What Do the Citation Numbers on My Ticket Mean?

    When you receive a traffic ticket, the officer will write down the section of the vehicle code that you are charged with violating. If you plan to protest your ticket, it can be helpful to review the vehicle code prior to your court appearance. The Nebraska vehicle code is available online.

    Is My Ticket Valid if the Information is Incorrect?

    Although many drivers believe a mistake on a traffic ticket gives them the right to refuse to pay the fine, this is actually something of an urban legend. If the officer misspells your name, checks the wrong box, or makes another minor error, this does not affect the complaint against you. Only significant errors are grounds for dismissing a citation.

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