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  • Title Transfers in Nebraska

    What is a Title Transfer?

    When a vehicle's ownership changes hands, a title transfer needs to be completed. Without a valid and properly assigned title, the state has no way to determine who the legal owner of the vehicle is. Titles must be issued in the county in which the vehicle is housed.

    Reasons why you might need to transfer a vehicle title include the following:

    • Selling or buying a vehicle
    • Removing a lienholder from the title after a loan is repaid
    • Giving a vehicle to a parent, child, or grandparent
    • Giving a vehicle as a gift
    • Donating a vehicle to a charitable organization
    • Inheriting a vehicle from an estate
    • Adding, deleting, or changing names on the title

    Selling a Vehicle

    Although working with a licensed dealership is certainly convenient, many drivers decide to sell their vehicles privately. If you want to make this transaction easier, consider purchasing a vehicle history report. This document will help show potential buyers that your automobile is worth the price you are requesting. For additional information, please see our section on VHRs.

    After selling your vehicle, you'll need to complete the following steps to transfer the title:

    1. Complete the odometer certification portion of the title.
    2. Sign and date the document. If you have lost or damaged the title to the vehicle you are selling, you must submit an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title to your local county official to request a replacement before you can sell the car. There is a $14 fee for this service.
    3. Ask the buyer to sign and date the title in the correct location.
    4. Obtain a notarized Bill of Sale.
    5. Give the paperwork to the buyer to bring to the nearest clerk's office. He or she will need to pay a $10 fee to receive a new title.

    NOTE: If you are married, remember that spouses can't act as agents for each other during the title transfer process. If both of your names are on the title, you both need to sign the document. If the vehicle is registered in just your spouse's name, you can't sign on his or her behalf.

    Buying a Vehicle

    New Cars

    As a customer courtesy, sales representatives will assist you in completing all of the documents necessary to obtain a title for your new vehicle.

    Used Cars

    You will also need a valid car insurance policy before you hit the road. Our Insurance Center makes it easy to obtain quotes and find a policy that provides the coverage you deserve.

    Before you decide what vehicle to purchase, order a vehicle history report online. This is a simple way to save yourself from the stress associated with purchasing a lemon.

    Follow these steps to transfer your title and make the purchase official:

    1. Have the seller complete the odometer certification portion of the title.
    2. Have the seller sign and date the title.
    3. Add your signature and the correct date to the title.
    4. Ask for a notarized Bill of Sale to provide extra documentation of your purchase.
    5. Bring the necessary paperwork to the nearest clerk's office.
    6. Arrange for a vehicle inspection if you purchased the vehicle from outside the state.
    7. Pay a $10 fee to receive a new title.

    NOTE: Never purchase a vehicle without the signed Certificate of Title. If the seller does not offer you this document, there is a chance he or she is not the legal owner of the vehicle.

    Transferring to Family or Gifting a Vehicle

    When a vehicle is given to a family member or as a gift to a friend, the title process is the same as if the vehicle has been purchased.

    1. The owner fills out the odometer certification portion of the title.
    2. The owner signs and dates the title.
    3. The recipient of the gifted vehicle signs and dates the title in the buyer's spot.
    4. The parties obtain a notarized Bill of Sale.
    5. The recipient of the gifted vehicle brings the paperwork to the nearest clerk's office and pays a $10 fee to receive a new title.

    Inheriting a Vehicle

    To complete the title transfer process for an inherited motor vehicle, you may need to:

    1. Fill out the Affidavit for Transfer of Decedent's Motor Vehicle/ATV/Minibike/Motorboat.
    2. Bring the vehicle's title and the deceased's death certificate to the clerk's office. Keep in mind that the law states 30 days must have passed since the date of death.

    Additional information about title transfers for inherited vehicles can be found on the Nebraska DMV site..

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