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  • Renewing Your License in Nebraska

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    Determine the Status of Your License

    Driving without a legally valid license is against the law. Fortunately, it's a simple process to keep your driving privileges up to date.

    As you're renewing your license, remember that proof of financial responsibility is required for all residents who wish to operate motor vehicles within the state. Typically, the simplest way to satisfy this requirement is to purchase an auto insurance policy. Visit our Insurance Center to learn more about how to find a policy that provides the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

    Valid License

    You can request a copy of your driving record or check your license expiration date to see if it's still valid.

    If you are over 21 years old and will be out of the state during your driver license renewal period, you may request an early renewal. However, you will be asked to provide proof that you are unable to renew your license during the assigned time frame. To learn more, please contact your nearest examining location.

    NOTE: To learn how to renew a commercial license, visit our CDL section.

    Expired License

    Licenses expire on the license holder’s birthday 5 years after the date of issue. You can see if your license has expired by requesting a copy of your driving record or simply looking at the listed expiration date.

    Suspended License

    Requesting a copy of your driving record is the best way to see if your license has been suspended. If your driving privileges have been previously suspended, you'll need to complete the vision screening, written test, driving test, and any other applicable requirements. If your license was revoked under the Nebraska Point System Law, for example, you'll be required to complete a driver education course before you can receive a new license.

    Additionally, you can expect your insurance premiums to increase after a license suspension. However, comparing rates through our Insurance Center may help you save money in this area.

    For more information on how to regain your driving privileges, please see our section on suspended licenses.

    Lost License

    It's important to replace a lost or stolen driver's license as soon as possible. See our page on Replacing a Lost License for instructions on how you can request a duplicate of your driver's license.

    Check Your Renewal Notice

    You should receive a renewal postcard about 90 days before your license is scheduled to expire. Review the preprinted information to make sure it is correct, then bring this notice with you when you renew your license.

    If you have lost your renewal notice or did not receive one in the mail, you'll need to complete a DMV Operator's License-ID Data Form.

    Renew Online

    The Nebraska DMV does offer a useful online method of renewing your license. Please Note:

    • You cannot have changed your name or address since the issuance of your last permit, driver’s license or State ID Card.
    • Since the photo and physical description currently listed on your permit, license or ID will be used for your renewal permit, license or ID, you physical description cannot have significantly changed.
    • If your current license, permit or ID card is still valid, you cannot use our online services.
    • You must provide your telephone number and e-mail address when renewing your license, permit or State ID.
    • Payments must be made with a valid credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover.)
    • Allow 20 days for your new license to arrive by mail.

    To review any exceptions that may apply, please check the Nebraska DMV "Frequently Asked Questions".

    Renew By Mail

    Unless there are special circumstances, it is not possible to renew by mail. For additional information, please call the DMV at (402) 471-3918.

    If you are temporarily outside the state because of military service, see our Drivers in the Military page to find out how to handle your license renewal.

    Renew In Person

    To renew your license:

    1. Pass a vision screening.
    2. Pass a written test if your license has been expired for more than 1 year or has been suspended.
    3. Pass a driving test if your license was suspended or the DMV requests this extra step.
    4. Pay all renewal fees. The renewal fees for your driver license will depend upon what type of license you have and the time period for which your license was originally issued. Please refer to the DMV website for a complete listing of all driver license renewal fees. Since some driver license stations do not accept personal checks, it's a good idea to either call ahead to inquire about acceptable payment methods or bring enough cash with you to pay any necessary fees.

    You can renew your license at your nearest examining location.

    Update Your Driving Skills

    As you're planning to renew your driver's license, consider updating your driving skills, as well. If you complete a supplemental traffic school course, you'll reduce your risk of being involved in an auto accident and possibly lower your insurance premiums in the process.

    Consider shopping our Insurance Center for a new policy if your current insurance carrier doesn't offer a discount for completion of a traffic school program.

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