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  • Point Reduction in Nebraska

    Removing NE Driving Record Points

    The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will revoke your Nebraska driver's license if you accumulate too many driving record points, which are caused by violating traffic laws. If your driving record point total is nearing the loss-of-license mark, you do have the option to have points removed by completing a state-approved defensive driving course.

    For more information about your options and requirements for completing a course to dismiss a ticket or remove points, please visit our Traffic Schools in Nebraska page.

    Course Stipulations

    To have points removed, you must volunteer to take the class on your own and have no more than 12 points on your record. If you wait until you have 12 points, you're too late; you will not be eligible for point reduction. This option is limited to once every 5 years, and the course must be completed prior to the date of a violation that would put your point total at or above 12 points.

    Complete a Nebraska Driving Safety Course

    Before registering, double-check that the traffic school is state-approved. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not recognize a completion certificate from a non-sanctioned defensive driving program. Courses are 8 hours, and offered in a classroom setting only. There is currently no online option.

    Your defensive driving course will typically cover topics including:

    • Traffic laws in Nebraska.
    • Defensive driving tips and techniques.
    • Accident avoidance.
    • Developing responsible driving attitudes and behaviors.

    Defensive driving/driver improvement courses are designed to help you become a better driver. Upon successful completion of a course, you should have gained new, safe driving knowledge that can help you to avoid committing traffic violations and causing accidents in the future.

    Submit Requirements to the Court

    After completing the course, check the status of your completion certificate. Most programs will directly submit it to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If not, deliver it yourself. Points will not be removed from your driving record until the DMV receives your course completion certificate.

    If you have questions about when or how you should expect to receive your completion certificate, please contact your defensive driving course provider.

    Checking Your Driving Record in Nebraska

    Check your NE driving record after completing the defensive driving course. Verify that points were removed and your driver's license status is valid. If the points were not removed or something appears incorrect, you should alert the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the errors.

    Instant Nebraska Driving Record

    Check for tickets, violations, and confirm your drivers license status with a instant self-check driving record. Each record may include suspensions, points, classifications, vital data, endorsements, expiration and driving status.

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    Get an Auto Insurance Discount

    Car insurance companies closely monitor their customers' driving records. Any traffic violation on your record could cause a jump in your auto insurance rates. You can always counter a rate increase by shopping for a new provider. Comparing rates online is the best way for finding coverage than not only meets your needs, but also fits your budget.

    If you want to stick with your current car insurance provider, it may allow you to take a defensive driving course voluntarily to earn a safe driver discount for a certain period of time. For more information, please contact your car insurance company.

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