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  • Plate Surrender in Nebraska

    Registering a car?

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    Surrendering your Nebraska license plates only comes into play in certain situations. Moving out of the state is not one of them. Read on for the full license plate scoop.

    Moving to Nebraska

    You have 30 days to register your vehicle after establishing Nebraska residency. Visit your local Motor Vehicle office to register. At this time you do not have to surrender your old license plates, unless required by your former state.

    Before registering, give some thought to license plate design. You can opt for standard plates, or, for an extra fee, choose from a number of specialty plates.

    Visit our relocation guide for a comprehensive look at Nebraska, your new home.

    Moving from NE

    After moving out of Nebraska, you are not required to surrender your license plates unless applying for a refund.

    If eligible, you will need to submit the following documents to your county treasurer’s office:

    • Nebraska license plates
    • Vehicle registration certificate
    • Validation decals
    • A completed Application for Refund

    Make sure you’ve got everything covered by visiting our Moving Out of Nebraska page.

    Selling a Used Car in Nebraska

    License plates belong to you, not the vehicle. Remove the plates before the buyer drives off with them. You then posses the option to transfer them to another vehicle under your name. If you decide against transferring the plates, surrender them to your county treasurer.

    Our Vehicle Title Transfers page has all the details on selling your vehicle.

    Buying a Used Car in NE

    Surrendering license plates does not come into play with you, the buyer. But since the seller retains the plates on the vehicle, you’ll need to obtain license plates by registering with your county treasurer.

    Learn more about the documents involved in buying a car on our Vehicle Title Transfers page.

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