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    If you love feeling the wind whipping through your hair as you tootle around town, consider a moped or a motor scooter.

    Not sure if what you own could be classified as a moped? If it:

    • Can be operated with either its 50 ccs or less motor OR with pedals (human power)
    • Can't go faster than 30 MPH

    then it's a moped.

    You don't have to title or register your moped.

    Motor Scooters

    Motor scooters (a Vespa, for example), are basically small motorcycles. If it:

    • Has tires bigger than 14 inches
    • Has an engine of 45 ccs or more

    treat it as a motorcycle for titling and registration purposes.

    You'll also need a motorcycle license to drive a motor scooter.

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