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    Organ and Tissue Donation Facts

    Did you know that, as an organ donor, you could potentially save countless lives by donating you tissues, lungs, heart, liver, small intestine, pancreas, and kidneys?

    People of all ages can become organ donors, although there are age cutoffs for certain types of tissue donation procedures. While people with HIV or actively-spreading cancer can't become organ and tissue donors, most other medical conditions won't affect the donation process.

    You can still be an organ and tissue donor and have an open casket funeral. An autopsy can even be performed if necessary. There is no cost associated with becoming an organ and tissue donor, so there's no need to worry about unexpected expenses for your family.

    Also, every major religion in the United States supports tissue and organ donations.

    Register In Person or Online

    When you apply for or renew your driver license or state ID card, you can sign up to become an organ and tissue donor.

    If you choose to become a donor, a small symbol will be printed on your license to inform others of your decision. However, you can change this designation at any time by requesting a replacement license. Whether you register in person or online, your information is automatically entered into the donor registry.

    Or, register online through the Nebraska approved Nebraska Organ Recovery System (NORS) by following the instructions provided.

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    Make a difference by registering to donate your eyes, tissues and organs!

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    Every doctors first priority is to save your life regardless of your organ donation status.

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