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  • License Plates & Placards in Nebraska

    Did you know that Nebraska residents once made their own license plates? When motor vehicle registration procedures were first implemented in 1905, each resident made his own license plates. Since then, Nebraska's license plates have gone through several makeovers to keep pace with the public's design preferences.

    Available License Plate Designs

    Today, Nebraska residents have several choices for their license plates:

    License Plate Application

    To apply for the license plate of your choice, download the corresponding application and submit it to the address on the application along with the applicable fees and requested verification (if required):

    Note: Standard plates and handicapped plates cost only the standard registration fees and taxes. The amounts listed above are in addition to standard fees.

    Message Plates

    Many Nebraska residents wish to express their individuality with personalized message license plates. If you're interested in applying for message plates, please consider the following:

    • All messages must be approved by the Nebraska DMV. Applications for messages that are offensive or in poor taste will be denied.
    • If your plates are for a car or truck, your message can contain a maximum of 7 characters. If your plates are for a motorcycle, your message can contain a maximum of 6 characters.
    • Only alpha and numeric characters are allowed in personalized message license plates. No punctuation marks will be accepted.

    To see if the message you want is available, visit the Specialty Plate Search feature on the DMV's website.

    To apply for a message plate, complete the application and send it (along with the required fees) to the address on the form.

    Once your application is approved, you'll be notified by the DMV with information on which office to pick up the plates in. Allow up to 4 weeks for the plates to arrive.

    Antique (Historical) License Plates

    Your vehicle qualifies for historical plates if it is at least 30 years old and displays minimal modifications.

    Vintage Plates

    Vintage plates, derivatives of historical plates, correspond to the vehicle’s model year. Unlike historical plates, you only receive 1 vintage plate to display on the rear of your vehicle.


    • You cannot apply if you don’t have at least one other vehicle registered in Nebraska.
    • Your vehicle can only be used for parades, test drives and hobby-related activities. It cannot be used for regular daily transportation.

    How to Apply

    • Complete the aptly named Application for Historical License Plates.
    • Provide either an old registration or proof of sales tax payment.
    • Provide proof of insurance. Photocopies will not be accepted. You must show the original insurance card.
    • If your vehicle is currently registered, you must submit the license plate(s) and registration.
    • Pay appropriate fees.

    One-Time Fees

    • First historical vehicle: $70.60
    • First historical motorcycle: $67.30
    • First vintage vehicle: $89
    • First vintage motorcycle: $89

    Questions? Call (402) 471-3918.

    Surrendering Your Plates in Nebraska

    Nebraska does not require you to return your license plates after relocating to another state or selling your vehicle, unless you're applying for a registration refund or plate credit.

    If you plan to surrender your license plates, you must send the plates along with any necessary documents/forms to the local Nebraska county treasurer's office where the vehicle was last registered.

    To apply for a plate refund after moving out of state, you have 60 days to apply for a refund by:

    For more information about your refund/credit requirements after selling your vehicle or after your vehicle has been destroyed, please visit the Nebraska DMV website.

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