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  • Driver Handbook in Nebraska

    SUMMARY: Nebraska Driver Handbooks

    In Nebraska, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides several resources to help you become a safer driver, including the NE driver’s manual, commercial driver’s license manual, and motorcycle operator manual. If you need details about Nebraska traffic and vehicle laws, you can view the Vehicle Code online.

    This page will provide you with all the links you need to find the NE driving manuals and handbooks available online.

    Nebraska Driver’s Manual

    To get ready for your NE driver’s license exams, you should take the time to read the Nebraska Driver’s Manual (also available in audio format). You’ll learn safe driving techniques as well as other topics, including:

    • Rules of the road in Nebraska.
    • Speed limits.
    • How to apply for a NE driver’s license.
    • Traffic signs and signals.
    • Sharing the road with other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
    • How alcohol and drugs can alter your driving abilities.
    Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

    The Nebraska driver’s manual includes a practice exam to get you ready for the written test. It's also a great idea to prepare with an online driver’s license practice test.

    Commercial Driver’s License Manual

    If you need to apply for your NE commercial driver’s license (CDL), you’ll need to study the Nebraska Commercial Driver License Manual to get ready for the CDL written exam.

    NOTE: If you wish to work as a school bus driver, you will need to read the Pupil Transportation Guide.

    The NE CDL Manual covers a variety of topics, including:

    • How to apply for your Nebraska CDL, including fees.
    • CDL classes, endorsements, and restrictions.
    • Transporting cargo and passengers.
    • Transporting hazardous materials.
    • The use of air brakes.
    • Pre-trip vehicle inspections.
    • Shifting gears.

    Also within the CDL manual are some practice questions so you can test your knowledge before your exam. For additional preparation, take a CDL practice test online.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual in NE

    Before applying for your motorcycle license, you should read the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator Manual to prepare for the NE DMV exams. The handbook contains a variety of information related to operating a motorcycle in Nebraska, including:

    • How to obtain your motorcycle license.
    • Motorcycle laws.
    • Shifting gears.
    • Riding in a group.
    • Basic vehicle control.
    • Keeping your distance.
    • Navigating intersections.

    The motorcycle manual also contains some sample DMV written exam questions. You may also benefit from taking an online Nebraska motorcycle practice test before taking the written exam.

    Nebraska Vehicle Code

    Take a look through the NE Vehicle Code for specific details about motor vehicle laws and regulations in Nebraska.

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