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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Nebraska

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    In Nebraska, drivers with disabilities can request handicapped parking permits and/or handicapped license plates. These accommodations make it easier for handicapped residents to maintain their independence.

    Both permits and license plates may be given free of charge to qualified applicants.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To qualify for a handicapped parking permit, you must have a disability that limits your ability to walk more than 200 feet without the assistance of a wheelchair, walker, crutch, or prosthetic device. Examples of potentially eligible medical conditions include severe visual impairments, respiratory problems, the loss of one or more limbs, or a chronic cardiac condition.

    Handicapped Parking Permits

    A handicapped parking permit is a special, non-transferable placard that allows the driver of a vehicle to park in spaces designated for disabled drivers. When the permit is attached to the rearview mirror of your vehicle, it lets law enforcement officers know you are authorized to park in that particular area.

    You can use your permit even when you are in someone else's car, riding as a passenger.

    There are two types of handicapped parking permits. Blue permits are valid for 6 years and issued to Nebraska residents with permanently disabling medical conditions. The permit expires on the last day of your birth month.

    Red permits are valid for 3 to 6 months and issued to Nebraska residents with temporary disabilities, such as injuries sustained in an automobile accident. If the permit is still needed after the initial period, you can renew the red permit one time.

    Applications for a handicapped parking permit can be requested from your city clerk or county treasurer. You can also download a Application for a Handicapped Parking Permit from the Nebraska DMV. Your physician must complete the portion that asks for certification of your medical condition.

    Handicapped License Plates

    Handicapped license plates, like handicapped parking permits, entitle you to park in spaces designated for disabled drivers. Although you may have only one handicapped parking permit, it is also possible to request handicapped license plates for your motor vehicle and/or motorcycle.

    To apply for a handicapped license plate, you must be the owner of the vehicle or the legal guardian of a permanently disabled child.

    You can either download Application for Handicapped License Plates from the Nebraska DMV or request an application at your nearest county official. You must have your physician submit medical certification of your disability before you'll be able to receive your approval letter. Once you receive your approval letter you must present this to your local County Treasurer in order to have your plates issued. There is a fee for the plates.

    These plates must be renewed every 6 years.


    Traveling to another state with your handicapped parking permit shouldn't be a problem; other states typically honor temporary or permanent disability parking permits from Nebraska. However, you might want to carry a copy of your physician's note just to be safe.

    You can check our Drivers with Disabilities section for information specific to the state you're traveling to, as well.

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