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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Nebraska

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    Custom Built Car Registration in Nebraska

    Although creating a custom-built car can be a fun and rewarding hobby, you'll still need to have your vehicle properly registered with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

    The Nebraska DMV defines a custom-built car as an assembled vehicle that has been significantly altered by substituting, adding, or removing any important part(s) of the vehicle. Altering the frame, body, transmission, nose, rear clip, cowl, or engine of your vehicle would make it a custom-built car. There are several types of assembled vehicles, according to the NE DMV:

    • Assembled classic motor vehicle: Manufactured more than 30 years ago with at least 1 major component part replaced by parts with similar materials/design.
    • Kit vehicle.
    • Custom-built motorcycle from aftermarket parts.
    • Assembled motor vehicle.
    • Assembled ATV, UTV, or minibike.

    This page covers the topic of registering and titling your custom vehicle. Continue reading for more information.

    Titling Your Custom-Built Vehicle

    If there is a lien on your vehicle, you'll need to have your county official contact the lien holder or leasing company to obtain a copy of the title.

    Before you can register your custom-built car, you'll need to obtain a title. This is done by submitting your vehicle for a vehicle inspection and requesting an assigned VIN number for your custom-built car. The sheriff will verify the VIN and odometer. The typical cost for a sheriff's inspection is $10.

    You'll need to bring all of the following to your local county official:

    • A completed Assigned ID Number Application to your inspection.
    • All Manufacturer's Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Title, Bills of Sale, and junking receipts to prove you are the legal owner of all parts of your vehicle.
    • Photocopies of all supporting documentation.
    • Payment for any applicable fees ($20 for the assigned ID number).

    Once your vehicle passes inspection, you'll need to visit your local county official and bring:

    When issued, your title will list "Assembled" as the vehicle's make and the date you assembled the vehicle as the year.

    NOTE: Your inspection will remain valid for only 90 days. If the inspection expires, you'll need to visit your local sheriff's office again for re-inspection.

    Registering Your Custom-Built Vehicle

    Once you have a title for your custom-built car in Nebraska, you can register your vehicle in your county of residence by bringing the following information to your county official:

    • The "Registration Application" copy of the Nebraska Certificate of Title.
    • A sales or excise tax receipt.
    • Proof of a current auto insurance policy.

    After you've paid the appropriate registration fees, you'll receive license plates, validation tabs, and a registration certificate for your custom-built car.

    Since you should keep the registration certificate in your vehicle at all times, you'll need to contact your county official to obtain a replacement if the certificate is ever lost or damaged.

    If you have questions about registering your custom-built car, please call the Nebraska DMV at (402) 471-3918 or review our Car Registration article.