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    The Salesperson License Application Process

    To legally sell motor vehicles in Nebraska, you must have a vehicle salesperson license.

    Applying for a motor vehicle salesperson license in Nebraska is a joint effort; in other words, both you and your employer (the dealer for whom you'll be working) must complete the application. Conveniently, the Application for Motor Vehicle, Trailer or Motorcycle Salesperson's License (Form DLB-3A) is available online.

    Salesperson License Fee in Nebraska

    The motor vehicle salesperson license fee is $20. Make a certified check, cashier's check, or money order payable to the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board (MVILB).

    Application Deadline

    There is no application deadline; you may send an application, and be granted a license, at any time throughout the year.

    Waiting Period

    In most cases, there's no real waiting period. The Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board notes that as long as there are no issues, the salesperson license is usually issued the day after they receive the application.


    Issues that may slow the process down include:

    • Answering "Yes" to any of the application questions about misdemeanors.
    • Answering "Yes" to any of the application questions about felonies.
    • Answering "Yes" to any of the application questions about civil judgment made against you involving fraud, misrepresentation, or conversion.
    • Having felony charges against you pending at the time of application.
    • Having been denied a salesperson license in the past.

    Note that regardless of the stipulations honesty can bring, it's important to be honest on your application. When you complete the application, you'll sign in front of a notary public. Giving false testimony can get you:

    • An automatic denial.
    • A suspended or revoked license should you be granted the application and the truth later comes out.
    • A fine of $5,000.

    Renewing Your Nebraska Salesperson License

    Each motor vehicle salesperson in Nebraska must renew by December 31 of each year. Salespeople receive instructions in the mail thoroughly detailing how to renew.

    Your Salesperson Wall License and Pocket Card

    Before you can begin selling vehicles, your dealer must have your Salesperson Wall License and Pocket Card in his or her possession.

    If your Salesperson Wall License becomes lost or destroyed you can apply for a replacement using the Affidavit for Salesperson's Wall License. If your Pocket Card meets the same fate, you can apply for a replacement using the Affidavit for Salesperson's Pocket Card.

    Where You Can Find More Information

    Check out the following websites and pages for more information about obtaining your Nebraska motor vehicle salesperson license and how to sell motor vehicles responsibly:

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