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    Help for Nebraska Vehicle Dealers

    Nebraska doesn't publish a handbook for vehicle dealers; however, the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board provides an instruction sheet for completing the dealer application, and continuing with the rest of the application process.

    The instruction sheet includes information about:

    • Fees, including your application fee and surety bond.
    • Turning in your dealership specifics, including the name, photo of your sign, and location.
    • Insurance, including automobile liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance.
    • Agreements, including service agreements (if you don't have a service facility on the property), lease agreements (if you don't own the property), and franchise agreements.
    • Salespeople.

    If you find you still have questions, you can always call the Licensing Board at (402) 471-2148.

    Additional Resources

    In addition to visiting the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board's website and calling them, you can find information right here at Check out these helpful pages:

    • Licensing Requirements: Find breakdowns of how to apply for dealer licenses and salesperson licenses.
    • Dealer Forms: In addition to a variety of license application forms, you can find the forms you'll need to change your dealership's name or location.
    • Dealer-related Information: Information about dealer licensing, consumer complaints, and contact information.
    • Lemon Law: Educate yourself on what's expected of you, manufacturers, and consumers when it comes to lemons in Kentucky.
    • Vehicle Code: Keep yourself up to date with motor vehicle rules and regulations that apply to dealers.
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