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  • Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Nebraska

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    1) Choose Your License

    Whether you're a first time driver or a new Nebraska resident, it’s time to apply for a new driver’s license. Nebraska offers the following licenses:

    2) Take a Driver’s Education Course

    Even if you’ve just moved here from another state, it doesn’t hurt to take a brush-up supplemental course. That way, you can learn all the rules of the road in your new state before you get a ticket for not knowing what they are.

    3) Prepare for the Test

    You should study the material before you take the test. The most convenient way to do this is to study the Nebraska Driver’s Handbook. Nebraska offers it in audio form, too.

    Then test your knowledge with some practice tests. If you can pass those, you’ll probably pass the written test too.

    4) Locate a DMV Office

    Offices offer the test first-come, first-served. Try not to go at lunchtime or other usually busy hours of the day.

    5) Make Test-Day Preparations

    On the day of the test, be prepared to:

    • Pay any applicable fees.
    • Be prepared to take a vision test. If you use glasses or contacts, wear them.
    • Provide one acceptable proof of identity featuring your full name and date of birth, and two documents showing your principal residence.

    6) Take the Written Test

    After you've spent some time in a driver's ed class and studied the manual, it's time to take the written test.

    7) Get a Car

    Now that you’re going to be practicing for hours, you may want to consider buying yourself a car. Consider what kind of driving you’ll be doing and who you may need to transport.

    Used cars are a great economic option. However, you’ll want to get a Vehicle History Report before you buy. The report tells you whether the car has a clean title and was ever in an accident, so it saves you a lot of headaches.

    8) Get Car Insurance

    Once you have found the car you want, you’ll need to shop for car insurance. How much the insurance will be may determine whether or not you want to make the car purchase.

    Call a few companies or use an online quote system to find the best deal. If you’re a good student (B average is usually the minimum) ask if the company has a good student discount.

    9) Take the Driving Test

    Call the DMV near you and ask what the drive test hours are.

    Bring a adequate car insurance and valid registration. The car will be safety inspected, too.

    Also bring a friend with an unrestricted license. If you happen to fail, you’ll need to be driven home.

    Once You Pass

    Take the Issuance Certificate to a County Treasurer Office. They’ll take your picture and mail your license to you. If you need to pay more fees, do so with cash.

    If You Fail

    The tester will give you an Examiner Refusal Certificate telling you when you can take it again. You may not take it again the same day. Take the certificate with you when you try the test again.


    With a valid foreign license from another country, you can drive for a short time before you have to apply for a license. At that point, you will need to apply for a Nebraska license and have one primary form of identification, such as:

    • A valid Resident Alien Card or Permanent Resident Card.
    • A valid Temporary Resident Identification Card.
    • A valid Employment Authorization Card.
    • Naturalization papers, which show your name and date of birth.
    • A Certificate of Citizenship.

    The card must show your full name and date of birth. You must also provide acceptable proofs of your primary address. Photocopied documents will not be accepted.