511 Traffic Systems in North Dakota

What Is 511?

Dialing 511, or what is known as America's Traveler Information Telephone Number, will access you immediate road condition updates for North Dakota and, if needed, its surrounding states. It's a handy system to be aware of, especially when driving across Interstate 94 in winter during a prairie whiteout.

How it Works

You can dial dial 511 for free from any telephone. If you dial from an office phone that employs a PBX system, make sure the system is programmed to recognize 511 as a legitimate outgoing number.

Dialing Instructions

After dialing 511, you will be given update options for North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana, and be asked to:

  • Press 1 for North Dakota
  • Press 2 for South Dakota
  • Press 3 for Montana
  • Press 4 for Minnesota

After selecting your state, you will be instructed to:

  • Press 1 for specific information
  • Press 2 for regional summary information

You will then be asked to either enter your highway number followed by the pound sign, or press the number corresponding to the segment you're inquiring about.

Where Else Is It Deployed?

If you're traveling cross country, find out where 511 has been deployed by checking out the 511 Travel Information map.

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