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  • Salvaged Vehicles in North Dakota

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    North Dakota considers any vehicle that has been wrecked, destroyed or damaged by more than 75% of its retail value―as based on the National Automobile Dealers Association Official Used Car Guide―to be a salvaged vehicle.

    Should this describe your vehicle, you must submit your title to the Department of Transportation (NDDOT) within 10 days. The Department will send you a salvage certificate of title in return.

    Restoring a Salvaged Vehicle

    If you decide to reconstruct your salvaged vehicle back to functioning status in order to obtain a regular certificate of title, you must send to NDDOT:

    Once all of your papers are deemed in order, NDDOT will mail you a new certificate of title with a special notation indicating that damage disclosure information is on file.

    The Risks of Purchasing a Salvaged Vehicle

    If you lack a "mechanic's eye" you should think twice about purchasing a vehicle with a salvaged history. Even though the state takes stringent steps to protect the buyer, there are still some shady car dealers who will try to sell a salvaged vehicle under the guise of being mechanically fit. Salvaged cars can be made to look cosmetically new, making it easy to fool a prospective buyer into believing the engine and undercarriage are just as sound.

    The state strongly recommends that you have an experienced mechanic examine any salvaged vehicle before signing a deal. A check by a company that specializes in running vehicle history reports can also be invaluable.