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  • Replacing a Lost CDL in North Dakota

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    If you lose your commercial driver's license (CDL) or it gets mutilated or becomes unreadable, you must immediately act and obtain a duplicate. To do so you need to visit any Driver License site with acceptable identification (see below) and a check or money order for $8.

    Notifying the police is strongly suggested, especially if you carried a hazardous material endorsement on your license.

    Identification Needed

    • U.S. birth certificate
    • Valid U.S. passport
    • Valid foreign passport with an I-94 card or an I-551 stamp
    • U.S. government-issued consular report of birth abroad
    • Military identification card or common access card
    • U.S. court order―with court seal―displaying legal name and date of birth

    If you're an immigrant you will need to furnish:

    • I-551 resident alien or permanent resident card
    • I-688 temporary resident card
    • I-688B, I-766 employment authorization card
    • N560 certificate of citizenship
    • N550 certificate of naturalization
    • I-94 card stamped refugee or asylee
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