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  • Renewing Your License in North Dakota

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    Determine the Status of Your License

    You'll need to carry a valid license if you plan on driving on any public roads. So, be sure to pay special attention to your driver's license expiration date. You may renew up to 10 months in advance of the expiration date.

    Of course, you're not allowed to drive without the proper insurance, either. Check our Insurance Center to locate a carrier and request some insurance quotes.

    Valid License

    Your Class D (standard license) or Class M (motorcycle license) expires every 4 years or 6 years, depending on your age. (Commercial drivers should refer to our Renewing Your CDL article for information pertaining to their situation.)

    If you have some reason to question whether your license is still valid, you can always check your driving record.

    You must renew your license in person at any driver license site.

    Expired License

    You're not permitted to drive with an expired license. But you renew up to 1 year after it expires to renew it without any penalties, except of course, the fines and points you are likely to incur if you're ticketed for driving on an expired license. If you wait longer than 1 year, you'll have to complete the testing process again. You can verify your license status at any time by buying a copy of your driving record.

    Suspended License

    Suspended license situations can sometimes be unclear, especially if you haven't kept your address updated and you haven't received the notification letters. If you're unsure about your driving status, you can always obtain your driving record to verify your situation. Also, remember that your insurance premiums will most likely go way up, so visit our Insurance Center to find the best rates available to you.

    See our Suspended License article for information on how to deal with your suspension, including the reinstatement steps and costs.

    Lost License

    If you need to obtain a duplicate license, stop by our Replacing a Lost License page to learn what you should do.

    Check Your Renewal Notice

    If the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has your current address, you should receive a renewal reminder in the mail. However, you don't need to bring this card with you to the driver license office at renewal time.

    Renew Online

    The state doesn't allow online license renewals, so you'll have to renew in person.

    Renew in Person

    When you come to the driver license office to renew your license, you'll need to:

    1. Bring your current license.
    2. Pass a vision test.
    3. Pay the $15 renewal fee.

    Members of the Military

    If you happen to be out of state when your license expires and you're a current member of the armed forces, you're permitted to continue driving with your expired license as long as carry proof of your military status. Once you're no longer on active duty, you must renew your license in person within 30 days.

    Out-of-State Residents

    If you're temporarily living outside the state, you may request to apply for renewal by mail. You'll be sent a renewal packet, which you'll need to complete and send back. Call (701) 328-2600 for more complete instructions and information.

    Update Your Driving Skills

    No matter your age, you can always learn something new or different about how to drive safely. A good way to do this is by completing a traffic school course. Doing so may even lower your insurance rates. Check with your provider to see if they offer that discount, or shop our Insurance Center to find ones that do.

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