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  • Special Vehicles in North Dakota

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    Register Special Vehicles in North Dakota

    North Dakota's flat, open landscape may look dull to the eye, but for snowmobile riders and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) owners it represents off-road freedom. The popularity of these vehicles, especially snowmobiles, has demanded oversight by North Dakota's Department of Transportation (NDDOT) in the form of registration.

    All-Terrain Vehicles

    First things first: In order to operate an ATV you must own a driver's license or a learner's permit.

    If you're 12 to 16 years old, you can only drive an ATV if you have an Off-Highway Vehicle Safety Training certificate unless you have a driver's license or learner's permit. For more information on this training course see the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department website.

    To register an ATV you must complete an Application for Certificate of Title & Registration of a Vehicle (Form SFN 2872) and drop it off along with a $5 registration fee and a $15 off-highway trail tax at any motor vehicle office.

    You'll be issued a registration certificate and number. The license number must be affixed to the rear of the left front fender.

    Your ATV's registration is valid for 2 years.

    Snowmobile Registration

    To register a snowmobile you need to complete an Application for Certificate of Title & Registration of a Vehicle (Form SFN 2872). Drop this off with at any motor vehicle office along with a registration fee of $5 registration fee and a trail tax fee of $35.

    You'll be given a registration certificate and registration number. The number must be displayed on both sides of your snowmobile.

    You must renew your snowmobile's registration every odd-numbered year.

    Utility Trailers

    In order to register a trailer you will need to complete Application for Certificate of Title & Registration of a Vehicle (Form SFN 2872) and take it, along with Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), to your local
    motor vehicle office.

    If the trailer weighs less than 1,500 lbs. all you will need is the $5 fee for an ID plate, unless you use the trailer to transport a vehicle for competitions. If it's used for that purpose or if it's 1,500 lbs. or more, you will need to pay a title fee and excise tax.

    A boat trailer does not need to be registered as long you keep it in North Dakota.

    North Dakota RVs and Motorhomes

    If you own a recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome, be sure to register it with the North Dakota DOT first before you take it out for a spin. Failure to do so can result in you having to pay a fine.

    Refer to our Register Car in North Dakota page for instructions.

    Moped Registration in ND

    Mopeds must be registered in North Dakota and are issued motorcycle license plates.

    A moped is defined by the state as a vehicle with:

    • 2 to 3 wheels, PLUS pedals OR a foot rest.
    • A maximum width of 32 inches.
    • An engine of no more than 3.05 cubic inches and 2 horsepower.
    • A maximum speed of 30 MPH.
    • An automatic transmission.
    The registration fee is $25.
    See our page on mopeds and similar vehicles for more detailed information.