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  • Organ Donation in North Dakota

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    Donation Facts

    Every day over 100 new names are added the nation's organ transplant waiting list. Since there aren't enough donated organs, an average of 18 people die per day while anxiously awaiting an organ transfer.

    It doesn't cost you ―or our family―anything to become a donor. All major religions in the United States support organ and tissue donation.

    Register In Person

    North Dakota's Department of Transportation (NDDOT) makes it very easy to indicate your desire to donate your organs and tissues. Just complete and sign the donor identification section on your license application or state ID card. You'll need to be at least 18 years old, though. You can also register when you renew your license or ID card.

    The state does not require a witness when signing, but strongly encourages you to notify your family of your wishes.

    For more information on organ donation in North Dakota, contact LifeSource, a non-profit organization that services the region.

    Register Online

    You may now register to be a ND organ donor online by visiting the North Dakota Donor Registry website.

    Save Lives. Become an
    Organ Donor Today!

    Make a difference by registering to donate your eyes, tissues and organs!

    True or False

    Doctors don’t work with the same urgency to save your life if they know you’re an organ donor.

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    Every doctor's first priority is to save your life regardless of your organ donation status.

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