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    There's more to the Department of Transportation (NDDOT) than just handing out license plates and collecting title fees. It's also a disseminator of information through its manuals.

    NDDOT offers road manuals which can be downloaded easily. You will need the free Adobe Reader to download and read PDF files.

    Or, if you're computer-inhibited, you can wander into any Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office and get yourself a copy for free.

    Non-Commercial Driver's License Manual

    This manual includes road rules and regulations designed to help any prospective driver pass North Dakota's license exams. Among the many topics covered in this driver handbook are:

    • How to obtain a permit.
    • Driving on slippery surfaces.
    • The dangers of drinking and driving.
    • Sharing the road with motorcycles.
    • The proper techniques on approaching intersections.
    • How to pass safely.

    Commercial Driver's License Guide

    The commercial driver's manual can appear daunting, but nevertheless serves as the perfect tutor for any person seeking a commercial driver's license (CDL). Some of the topics it includes are:

    • Speed and traffic flow.
    • Transporting cargo.
    • Pulling double and triple trailers.
    • Using air brakes.
    • Testing locations.
    • Size and load requirements.

    Motorcycle Manual

    This manual reads like a page-turner for any prospective motorcycle operator. The Motorcycle Manual includes topics on:

    • Group riding.
    • How to safely approach intersections.
    • Riding at night.
    • Proper clothing, including helmets.
    • The effects of alcohol.
    • How to properly inspect your bike.
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