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  • License Plates & Placards in North Dakota

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    Gone are the days when license plates were mere numbers. Today, they can almost be considered a car accessory, often serving as an extension of a driver's personality. North Dakota, like every other state, accommodates this trend by offering a range of license plate options, some for functional purposes, and others for statement. But before you debate on what plates to order, first you must have your vehicle titled and registered and pay all required fees.

    Standard Plates

    Unless you express otherwise, the state will issue you standardized plates upon registering. Generally these plates consist of a combination of numbers and letters on a standard state background featuring, the colors blue and gold.

    Mobility-impaired Plates

    To apply for a mobility-impaired license plate or a permit to be hung from your vehicle's rearview mirror, you must complete a Mobility-impaired Parking Permit Application. Be sure to have your physician complete the back of this application before submitting.

    Special Letter (Vanity) Plates

    You are free to choose any combination as long as it is within reason. The state reserves the right to reject any request that it deems offensive. To order, you must complete a Special Plate Letter (SPL) Request form, and include a check or money order for $25.

    Antique Plates

    Antique (Pioneer) plates are available to vehicles that are at least 40 years old, and are used solely for antique exhibitions, parades, and related activities. Vehicles used for everyday transportation are ineligible. You must attest to the vehicle's exhibition status with this form.

    Model-year plates may be displayed instead of antique plates, as long as they remain legible and intact with a license number greater than 10,000.

    Registering your antique vehicle costs $10, and if you opt for a special-letter plate, you must pay a one-time $100 fee. To order, complete this form.

    National Guard Plates

    To qualify for these plates you must either be a National Guard member or be retired from the Guard after 20 years of service or longer. The plates are highlighted by your unit's insignia and the letters "NG" before the regular plate number. To order complete an SPL form, provide service proof from your adjutant general, and include a check or money order for the fees.

    Commemorative Lewis and Clark Plates

    To order these special plates complete an SPL form, and include a check or money order.

    Collector Plates

    Any driver with a vehicle at least 25 years old is eligible. Complete an SPL form, submit it with an Affidavit of Use for a Collector Motor Vehicle, and pay the appropriate fees.

    Firefighter's Association Plates

    To order submit an Application for a North Dakota Firefighter's Plate, and a check or money order.

    Veteran's Cemetery Plates

    To order you must submit an Application for a North Dakota Veteran's Cemetery Plate along with an SPL form, and a check and money order.

    Special Organization Plate

    Public or nonprofit organizations that are recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service can apply for a special organization plate by submitting an Organization Plate Program Application along with an insignia. NDDOT will then study the application before deciding whether or not to approve the group's request.

    Surrendering Your Plates in North Dakota

    The North Dakota DOT does not require residents to return their license plates after relocating to another state.

    If you sell your vehicle, you should retain your license plates. You can transfer them to another vehicle and use the registration credit on that vehicle.