Lemon Law Attorneys in North Dakota

SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in North Dakota

A lemon law attorney can help if you have a new vehicle with a recurring problem. You'll have several details to consider when you choose a lawyer, including their knowledge of the North Dakota lemon law and legal experience.

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Why Hire a ND Lemon Law Attorney?

Many people choose to hire a lemon law attorney to help them understand the North Dakota laws and procedures related to defective vehicles.

Whether you're just realizing that you have a lemon or you've already notified the manufacturer, a lemon law lawyer can give you legal advice as you proceed with your case.

Lawyers can help with things like:

  • Determining the best course of action.
  • Gathering supporting documentation and evidence.
  • Filing motions and other legal procedures.
  • Communicating and negotiating with a vehicle manufacturer.

Understanding and following legal procedures can be confusing and time consuming, but with a ND lemon law lawyer on your side, these challenges can be made easier.

Choosing a Lemon Law Attorney

Before you hire an attorney, you may find it beneficial to talk to a few different lemon law lawyers so that you can hire the one you feel most confident in.

Most lawyers offers a free consultation, during which you can discuss some basic information to better understand how the lemon law attorney can help you.

Consider asking the lawyers about:

  • Their lemon law experience.
    • You can ask if they've handled lemon law or consumer protection cases.
    • You may want to ask about their record with lemon law cases.
  • What you can expect.
    • You may find it helpful to know what attorneys can and cannot do for you.
    • Find out about the time a lemon law claim can take.
  • How much it costs.
    • Ask lawyers how much they charge, how you can pay, and when you can pay.
    • Find out if you'll be expected to cover any additional costs.

Getting basic information from the North Dakota lemon law attorneys you talk to can help you select the lawyer you feel is best to represent you.

Lemon Law in North Dakota

North Dakota's lemon law applies ONLY to new motor vehicles that are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

NOTE: The ND lemon law DOES NOT cover motorcycles, motorhomes, or used vehicles.

North Dakota defines a lemon as a vehicle with a defect that:

  • Hasn't been fixed after 3 attempts.
  • Has resulted in the vehicle being kept in the shop for 30 business days or longer for repairs.

The manufacturer must be made aware of the defect and repair issues within 1 year of the day you bought the vehicle OR before the warranty expires (whichever occurs first).

Your lemon law attorney can help you determine if your vehicle meets the criteria for a lemon under North Dakota law, and, if so, how to proceed with a claim for a refund or replacement.

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