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  • Commercial Driver Education in North Dakota

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    No Specific Requirements

    The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) does not require any specific commercial driver license (CDL) classes, unless you are planning to drive a longer combination vehicle (LCV). All that's demanded is that you pass all necessary CDL tests. NDDOT does, however, encourage prospective CDL applicants to enroll in driving classes; any additional road experience is considered invaluable.

    Training Schools

    NDDOT through the cooperation of the North Dakota Highway Patrol has forged a list of state-approved trainings schools that offer extensive training in turning, backing, parking, inspections, cargo loading and more. You can find the list online.

    Miscellaneous Stuff

    • Prospective LCV drivers are the lone exceptions to mandatory classes and must receive training in driver wellness, driver qualifications, hours of service, and whistleblower protection.
    • NDDOT's free Commercial Drivers License Guide is a prime-time tutor. This manual provides all the information you will need to know for securing a North Dakota CDL, including driving tips and road rules and regulations.
    • Before enrolling in a class, inquire if a prospective employer provides training. It is common practice and benefit with many trucking firms.
    Compare Commercial Insurance Rates in 3 Steps

    1. Enter Your Zip: