Commercial Driver Education in North Dakota

No Specific Requirements

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) does not require any specific commercial driver license (CDL) classes, unless you are planning to drive a longer combination vehicle (LCV). All that's demanded is that you pass all necessary CDL tests. NDDOT does, however, encourage prospective CDL applicants to enroll in driving classes; any additional road experience is considered invaluable.

Training Schools

NDDOT through the cooperation of the North Dakota Highway Patrol has forged a list of state-approved trainings schools that offer extensive training in turning, backing, parking, inspections, cargo loading and more. You can find the list online.

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Prospective LCV drivers are the lone exceptions to mandatory classes and must receive training in driver wellness, driver qualifications, hours of service, and whistleblower protection.
  • NDDOT's free Commercial Drivers License Guide is a prime-time tutor. This manual provides all the information you will need to know for securing a North Dakota CDL, including driving tips and road rules and regulations.
  • Before enrolling in a class, inquire if a prospective employer provides training. It is common practice and benefit with many trucking firms.

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