Dealers & Auto Industry in North Dakota

There wouldn't be a reason for the North Dakota NDDOT if there weren't first folks that sold the vehicles.

In North Dakota, the NDDOT regulates drivers, but the NDDOT also determines the requirements and regulations that all dealers have to adhere to.

Whether it be signage requirements, paperwork requirements, or the eligibility requirements for those who want to sell cars, the North Dakota NDDOT is the overseer of all that information.

You'll need to know who can and cannot open a car dealership, how much it will cost, how and where to file the application forms. You'll also need to find out about consumer protection rules, and the regulations that stipulate what constitutes deceptive advertising practices.

  • North Dakota Licensing Requirements

    Becoming a car dealer isn't easy. Find out about the North Dakota NDDOT regulations and the stringent application process.

  • Salesperson License

    If you want to find out about selling cars in North Dakota, here's your chance.

  • Dealer-related Information

    Keep your finger on the pulse of the car biz with the latest North Dakota NDDOT regulations and trends.

  • Dealer Forms in North Dakota

    Proper documentation is key when establishing legal ownership. Get the forms you need to comply with the North Dakota NDDOT regulations.

  • Vehicle Dealers’ Handbook

    There's much to learn if you plan to open your own car dealership. Read the North Dakota dealers' handbook to get a leg up on the competition.

  • Surety Bonds

    Find information on getting surety bonds for your dealership.

  • North Dakota Lemon Law

    Got caught in a sour deal? Find out how to determine whether your faulty car can be designated a lemon.

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