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    Bill of Sale Forms

    When purchasing or selling a vehicle in North Dakota, you must complete and sign a Seller's Certificate and Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form SFN 2888). This is especially important for buyers in order to launch the titling and registering process.

    A bill of sale transfers vehicle ownership from the seller to the buyer. It can also be used as a receipt or a record of the transaction. Together with the vehicle's title signed over to the buyer, the bill of sale form will be needed when the new owner registers the vehicle.

    Bill of Sale Requirements

    When completing the form, double-check that all necessary information―vehicle's year, make, color, purchase price, odometer reading, vehicle identification number (VIN)―is included. Visually confirming that the VIN on the bill of sale exactly mirrors the number on the car is highly encouraged. Any missing or faulty information will gum up the entire registration process.

    Generic Bill of Sale

    If you have trouble downloading the North Dakota Bill of Sale form, we provide links to generic forms from our sponsors.

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