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    The Facts about Organ Donation

    According to the U.S. government's Organ Donor website, there are 120,894 people waiting for organ transplants. Each day an average of 79 people receive an organ, but 18 people also die each day waiting for transplants that won't happen because there is a shortage of organs.

    There are many myths surrounding organ donation. You can get the facts by visiting North Carolina's organ procurement organization, Carolina Donor Services.

    There is no age limit on donating organs; donation is determined according to medical suitability and physical condition. There isn't any cost to you or your family if you choose to donate.

    Register Online or In Person

    If you choose to donate, you can request that a heart be placed on your North Carolina driver license at any driver's license office. Or, register online with the NC Donate Life Registry.

    You can also print out and carry a donor card, which is a legal document when signed and witnessed.

    It's important to discuss your wishes with your family so there is no confusion. Then family members will not have to make the decision at the time of your death, and your preference to donate or not to donate will be carried out.

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    True or False

    Doctors don’t work with the same urgency to save your life if they know you’re an organ donor.

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    Every doctor's first priority is to save your life regardless of your organ donation status.

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