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    SUMMARY: Defensive Driving & Traffic Safety Courses in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, traffic school courses are referred to as traffic safety courses, driver improvement clinics, or defensive driving courses. Defensive driving courses are recommended for anybody who voluntarily wants to be a smarter and safer driver.

    In some cases, you may be mandated by the court to complete a course if you've been convicted of a traffic violation. Once you successfully complete a defensive driving course, you are eligible to have points removed from your driving record. You may also get an insurance rate reduction if your provider offers a safe driver discount for defensive driving courses.

    About North Carolina Traffic School

    There are many reasons to complete a defensive driving course in North Carolina, such as:

    • Earning an auto insurance discount.
    • Dismissing a traffic ticket.
    • Avoiding points being added to your driving record.
    • Improving your driving skills and knowledge.

    Before enrolling in a defensive driving course, be sure to check with:

    • Your insurance company, to see if you're eligible for a discount.
    • The traffic court handling your case, to check if traffic school will dismiss your ticket.

    Defensive Driving Course Providers

    In North Carolina, there are a couple of different course options offered for defensive driving. You can complete your driver improvement clinic in a traditional classroom setting, or you can complete it online. If you choose the classroom option, you must attend in person and complete the number of required hours with a certified driving instructor. The online course can be completed anywhere you can find an Internet connection and at your convenience.

    Fees will vary depending on your course provider. Contact them directly for more information.

    Defensive Driving Course Details

    In North Carolina, if you've received a traffic ticket, you may be able to dismiss it by completing a driver improvement clinic. You should check with the local court handling your case to see if you're eligible.

    Typically your course will last 8 hours, and you will need to pass a final exam to receive a passing score.

    Some of the topics that will be covered during your traffic safety course include:

    • The latest research about impaired driving, including in-depth information about how alcohol and drugs affect driving.
    • The motivating factors behind effective and ineffective decision making.
    • Updated North Carolina laws on driver's license revocation and suspension.
    • How to embrace change and develop an action plan to drive smarter and safer.

    Traffic Tickets Received in Guilford and Wake County

    If you received a traffic ticket in Guilford or Wake County, you may be eligible to complete a condensed version of a driver improvement clinic. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

    • The stages and causes of collisions and how to prevent them.
    • The four fatal driving behaviors.
    • The definition of impairment and its related dangers while driving.
    • The impact of physical, weather, road, and traffic conditions.
    • How to reduce your risk of car accidents using defensive driving strategies.
    • How driving distractions, such as talking and texting, affect your driving ability.
    • How to identify and minimize aggressive driving behaviors.

    Completing North Carolina Traffic School

    Once you complete your defensive driving course in North Carolina, depending on where you take it, you’ll either be given a completion certificate that you present to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and your insurance company, or your course provider will automatically notify the NC DMV and update your driver record.

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