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  • Personal Injury in North Carolina

    A personal injury is a physical or mental injury caused to a person by somebody's negligence or harmful act. If you have suffered a personal injury, it can be devastating to you and your whole family―not just physically, but emotionally as well. Many personal injuries occur during car accidents, pedestrian accidents, or bicycle accidents. If you have suffered or caused a serious personal injury in North Carolina, it would be wise to consult an attorney.
    NC Personal Injury

    As a victim, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This can be in the form of monetary damages for losses, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, or a physical disability. A legal firm can negotiate with insurance companies and hospitals on your behalf, and sue if they think you have a good case.

    About Filing a Claim

    In North Carolina, there is a three-year statute of limitations. If you do not file your case within that time, you lose your right to pursue compensation. Should you choose to get legal advice, it is better to do it earlier rather than later, so the insurance companies do not take possible advantage of you, and so that you can get the best medical care. You'll also remember crucial facts and details much more clearly right after the accident.

    If you choose to hire an attorney, our online directory can help you find one that is best for your situation.

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