511 Traffic Systems in Montana

MT 511 Traffic Systems
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America's Traveler Information Number, 511, allows you real-time access to Montana road information, any time of day or night. This handy number provides free, instant updates on weather forecasts, road conditions, construction delays, detours and more.

How 511 Works

Just dial 511 from any phone, including cell phones (assuming you're in range). After dialing 511, you'll be given an options menu along with instructions about how to obtain information for specific routes, towns, regions and even for Glacier National Park.

If dialing 511 doesn't work for you, try (800) 226-7623. Both numbers are toll free, and the second number will give you information about Montana road conditions, even when you're out of the state.

On the Web

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) maintains real-time, accurate road information on its website.

Click before you head out for the latest on road closures, construction delays and travel advisories.

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