Salvaged Vehicles in Montana

Any vehicle damaged by collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass, or other occurrence to the extent that the cost of parts and labor makes it uneconomical to repair, fits into Montana's legal definition of a salvaged vehicle.

Purchasing a salvaged vehicle can be a roll of the proverbial dice, especially if you aren't car-mechanic literate. There have been many documented cases of shady car dealers selling salvaged vehicles that cosmetically look factory new, but are mechanically corrupt. With the complicated electronic components of today's car engines, it's easy to hide a salvaged vehicle's flaws. It's a problem that Montana's Motor Vehicle Division, in conjunction with its parent organization the Department of Justice, continues to battle.

To protect you the consumer, the State mandates a stringent application process for any person applying for a rebuilt salvage vehicle certificate. You will need:

Insurance companies need to send a copy of the damage report to the Montana MVD within 15 days of receiving the title from the owner.

Send the above documents to:

Department of Justice
Motor Vehicle Division
Title and Registration Bureau
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59620

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