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  • Replacing a Lost Title in Montana

    Replacing a Lost Title in Montana

    The Title and Registration Bureau of the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) coordinates the registration and titling of all vehicles in the state, with the exception of pick-up campers that require titles but not registration.

    If you lose your title, you'll need to apply for a duplicate. While the urgency factor isn't as severe as losing your license, you will eventually need the title if you plan on selling your vehicle.

    You can obtain a replacement certificate of title for the following reasons:

    • Legal name changes.
    • Changes in ownership.
    • Changes in address.
    • Actual errors.

    Replacements are also available for a lost vehicle title, a stolen vehicle title, or a damaged vehicle title.

    Applying For a Duplicate Title

    You can apply to replace a lost title, damaged title or stolen title by mail or in person at your local Montana Title and Registration Bureau office.

    If you have questions, you can dial the Title and Registration Bureau at (406) 444-3661. You also can visit the Treasurer's Office for your particular county for more information and paperwork about ways to replace lost vehicle title.

    NOTE: You must make any updates to your license before updating your registration and title. A copy of your Montana driver's license is required if you need to update your personal information on a title. Additional legal documentation is required for a replacement title application due to a name change. See "Name Changes" below.

    How to Get Your Replacement Title

    To apply for a duplicate MT title, you will need to:

    Title and Registration Bureau
    Motor Vehicle Division
    Montana Department of Justice
    1003 Buckskin Dr
    Deer Lodge, MT 59722

    Do you need a lien added?

    If a collateral lien needs be added to the title along with the application to replace title, you'll need to pay an additional $8 filing fee.

    Purchasing a Vehicle with a Lost Title

    If you or the seller can't find any record of the title, you can apply for a bonded title.

    You'll first need to discuss the information with your County’s Treasurer’s Office, and then:

    • Bring proof of ownership plus a completed Vehicle/Vessel/OHV Identification Number Inspection Certificate(Form MV20).
    • Complete an Application for Break/Bond Title (Form MV10) detailing the circumstances of the sale, any liens on it, and estimated value.
    • Secure a bond of surety equal to the value, if the value is over $500.
      • If the value is $500 or less, you need to either determine the national average current trade-in price or average appraisal for that type of vehicle, or simply certify the value is $500 or less.

    Next, you will be issued a bonded title. If no claims are made on it within 3 years, you will receive a clear title as an owner.

    Making Corrections on Your MT Title

    You can make corrections to titles due to errors or inaccuracies by contacting the county treasurer’s office in the county where the vehicle is registered in. You can also make changes to your:

    Name Changes to Your Title

    If you need your replacement title to reflect a new name, you will need to submit:

    • A Statement of Fact (Form MV100) explaining the circumstances of the name change.
    • Pay the $12 title fee.

    Once the correct title is issued, you must contact your county treasurer's office to receive updated registration receipts.

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