Replacing a Lost CDL in Montana

Apply for a replacement commercial driver's license with the Driver License Bureau of the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Generally, you must apply in person, but if you're out of state the MVD can help you with the process depending on your situation.

You cannot legally operate a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle without a CDL that's both valid and properly endorsed. For your own safety, report your lost CDL to local and state law enforcement.

MT Duplicate CDL Application

Head to your local driver license exam station and be ready to:

  • Complete any application(s) required for a replacement CDL.
  • Provide all required documentation.
    • You must provide proof of identity.
    • You MIGHT have to provide CDL-specific documents and proof such as your medical certificate or waiver, endorsement documentation, and/or self-certification proof.
  • Pay the $10 fee.
    • You MIGHT have to pay additional fees based on your CDL type and endorsements.

Out-of-State Commercial Drivers

If you're currently out of state, you MIGHT be able to order a duplicate CDL by mail; the MVD will determine your eligibility.

Contact the MVD for details and instructions:

Option to Renew Your MT CDL

Sometimes, the MVD will renew a lost driver's license rather than issue a replacement IF the license is within 6 months of the expiration date.

As a commercial driver, you MIGHT have the option to renew your CDL, too. Contact your driver license exam station for details.

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