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    The MVD requires that snowmobiles be permanently registered. This means you pay one flat rate ($60.50) and then never have to worry about annual registration forms and fees, as long as you own the snowmobile.

    Snowmobile rental companies are exempt from this rule. Instead, rental snowmobiles can be registered annually for the first 2 years ($40.50 1st year, $20 2nd year), but starting the third year, the snowmobiles must be permanently registered.

    To register bring your registration fee and visit your local county treasurer's office.

    You'll receive a gold registration decal with the word "Perm" (short for permanent) that must be affixed to the left side of the snowmobile's cowl.


    An ATV, or what is defined in Montana Statute 61-1-101 as a quadricycle, requires permanent registration with the MVD. If you plan on operating your ATV on type of public road, including national forest two-tracks, a license plate is also required.

    To register decide on which permanent registration fee to pay. Off-highway costs $61.25, whereas street legal/ off-highway combined costs $114.50. Once you have your papers and fees in order you must deliver them to your local county treasurer's office.

    To drive an ATV on a public road, you will need a motorcycle endorsement.


    Trailers require permanent registration. You must visit your county treasurer's office along with the appropriate registration fee. If your trailer is under 6,000 pounds you'll pay $61.25. But if it is 6,000 pounds or more you'll pay $148.25.

    Travel Trailers

    To legally operate a travel trailer in Montana you will need to permanently register it with the MVD. Simply bring the appropriate fee ($72 if under 16-feet; $152 16-feet or more) at your county treasurer's office.

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