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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Montana

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    Montana Drivers with Disabilities

    If you drive a vehicle and have a qualifying disability in Montana, you may be eligible to apply for handicap license plates, parking permits, or placards through the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

    Depending on the nature and circumstances of your disability, you will be eligible for either a permanent or temporary handicap permit.

    Disability plates, placards, and permits allow you to park in specially designated parking spots. These spots are typically easily accessible, close to buildings, and large enough to accommodate vehicles with assistance technology installed.

    On this page you'll find an overview of how you can apply for disability license plates and permits.

    If you need specific information about any aspect or requirement of the application process, please contact the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

    Disability License Plates in Montana

    To apply for or to renew a Montana physical disability license plate, you must have a certified physician, chiropractor, or advanced-care nurse fill out the designated section of the Disability Permit/License Plate Application (Form MV5). You then must complete your portion of the application and send it, along with a registration fee, to your Montana county treasurer's office.

    Some of the qualifying handicap conditions include:

    • Difficulty walking without stopping to rest.
    • Needing an oxygen tank for breathing assistance.
    • Impairments caused by heart disease.

    If you need specific information about the qualifying medical circumstances and details about your own disability, you should talk to your personal physician. He or she will be able to give you specific recommendations and information.

    If you are renewing your disability license plates, you do not have to provide a recertification of your permanent disability.

    NOTE: Falsifying information on a disability permit, placard, or license plate application or using someone else's handicap permit are serious offenses and often carry heavy fines and harsh penalties.

    Disability Parking Permits in Montana

    Disability parking permits are open to people with permanent and temporary disabilities. Applications can be found at any county treasurer's office or online and must be completed by you and a licensed physician, chiropractor, or advanced-care nurse.

    Temporary disability permits are valid for 6 months (and can be extended an additional 24 months if your disability persists), while permanent handicap permits are valid for 3 years. Permanent permits may be renewed when they expire.

    Once all the information is completed, send or deliver this application to the Motor Vehicle Division.

    Motor Vehicle Division
    P.O. Box 201430
    Helena, MT 59620

    After your information is processed, the MT MVD will mail you a parking permit placard for your vehicle.

    Traveling With a Disability Placard

    Montana's disability placards are honored in all 50 states and in most foreign countries. If you plan on traveling for an extended period of time and you have a temporary disability placard, keep in mind that the initial placard can only be issued for 6 months. However, if your disability persists, you can reapply for another placard. Depending on your condition, the placard can be extended. To reapply, you must submit a completed Disability Permit/License Plate Application (Form MV5).

    If you have questions about some of the regulations around disability plates, permits, and placards in other states, you should contact the out-of-state DMV office.

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