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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Montana

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    MT Custom Built Car Registration

    Montana defines a custom-built vehicle as:

    • a vehicle that's more than 25 years old and that has a manufactured model year after 1948.
    • a vehicle that was built to mirror a car or truck manufactured after 1948 and at least 25 years before the current year.
    • A vehicle that has been revamped from the manufacturer's original design, or sports a body constructed from unoriginal parts.

    If this applies to your four-wheel prize, you can register it as a custom-built vehicle at your county treasurer's office. But to do so, you will need to bring:

    1. Either a title or a Certificate of Origin (a vehicle's version of a birth certificate). If neither exist, you will to need apply for a bonded title.
    2. A completed Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle.
    3. Proof of inspection.
    4. A completed fact sheet, depending on the decision of the county.

    After all forms are deemed in order, you will have the option of registering under regular or Vintage and Pioneer statutes. The latter will allow you to apply for a special Vintage or Pioneer plate.

    Note: Motorcycles cannot qualify for custom vehicle status.

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