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    Mississippi Traffic Tickets

    Each city and county in Mississippi handles its own traffic tickets separately. If you happen to get a speeding ticket, or a citation for any moving violation, locate the printed court date and phone number on the ticket and give the court clerk a call. An agent will offer information on the charges against you, the fees associated with your offense, and instructions on where and when to pay your ticket.

    Check Your MS Driving Record

    Pay Your Mississippi Traffic Ticket Online

    Many county courts within the State of Mississippi will allow you to pay your traffic ticket instantly online. Select the court which issued your traffic ticket below and skip a trip to the traffic court.


    If the Mississippi issuing court is not listed above, follow the instructions on below.

    Mississippi does not institute a points system. Each ticket you are issued, and your response to each one, gets recorded on your driving record, which is accessed by potential employers and your insurance company. Your insurance rates are partially determined by your driving habits―numerous tickets, or sometimes even just one, can increase your insurance premiums.

    For more information, visit our Driving Records in Mississippi page.

    Pay Your Traffic Ticket

    Although most Mississippi counties require you to pay the ticket promptly, some counties may offer up a little longer to pay up. Should you forget to pay the ticket on time, or fail to arrange for a trial before the court date listed on your ticket, the county clerk will mail you a notice.

    If you do not respond within that time period, your Mississippi driver's license information will be sent to the courts in Jackson, and your driving privilege will be automatically suspended. All correspondence will be sent to the address on your driver's license, so make sure your information is up to date.

    Courts do not accept personal checks for payment, and only a few accept credit card payments. You'll need to pay your fees with a money order or cashier's check. Only if you choose to pay in person do you have the option to pay cash. Be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you mail your payment; you'll need a receipt for your records.

    Suspended Driver's License

    Don't delay in paying your traffic ticket as a driver's license suspension is costly. To have your driver's license reinstated in Mississippi, you will need to pay a $100 reinstatement fee ($175 for suspension due to DUI/Drugs) on top of what you already owe for the tickets issued to you.

    For more information, see our Suspended License in Mississippi page.

    Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

    In certain cases, the Mississippi court may dismiss your traffic ticket upon your completion of an approved defensive driving course. They will usually determine your eligibility based on the traffic offense you committed and your driving history.

    Contact the local court handling your case before you enroll in a course.

    Your auto insurance provider may also give you a discount if you complete traffic school. Contact your agent directly for more information.

    Car Insurance Rate Increases in MS

    Violating Mississippi traffic law can also result in your car insurance rates going up. Your insurance agent has access to your driving record and will be able to see when you plead guilty to a traffic ticket. They will adjust your premium accordingly and, in some severe cases, may even cancel your coverage.

    For more information about how your traffic ticket will affect your auto insurance, contact your provider directly.

    If you need to shop around and compare rates, visit our Insurance Center.