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    Driver License Suspension in Mississippi

    If the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) suspended your driver’s license, you must satisfy your suspension requirements to have it reinstated.

    Your driver license may be suspended/revoked for reasons including:

    • DUI/DWI convictions and refusing to submit to a BAC test.
    • Reckless driving.
    • Multiple serious traffic violations.
    • Hit and runs.
    • Failing to appear in court.

    On this page, you’ll find information about your revoked/suspended license and how to reinstate it.

    About Your Suspended License in MS

    The duration of your suspension and your reinstatement requirements will vary depending on your offense.

    For information about your specific suspension, visit your local Mississippi DPS office.

    You will lose your driver’s license for at least 1 year for court convictions, such as:

    • Committing a felony in your vehicle.
    • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs/alcohol.
    • Multiple reckless driving offenses.

    The Department of Public Safety can suspend/revoke your driver’s license if you are:

    • The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident that resulted in:
      • Death or personal injury of another person.
      • Serious property damage.
    • A habitual reckless or negligent driver.
    • Deemed unfit to drive for committing serious traffic violations regularly.
    • Mentally or physically incompetent to drive.
    • Delinquent in child support payments.
    • Committed an offense in another state that would result in a license suspension if committed in Mississippi.

    NOTE: Depending on your offense, you may face court requirements in addition to your MS DPS suspension.

    For more information about driver’s license suspensions, see the Mississippi driver’s manual.

    Check Your Driver’s License Status

    Traffic violations and actions taken against your driver’s license will show up on your Mississippi driving record/motor vehicle report (MVR).

    You can check the status of your driver license and order your driving record on the Mississippi DPS website. You’ll need to enter:

    • Your driver’s license number.
    • Your full name.
    • Your date of birth.
    • Payment for the driving record fee. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your Suspended MS License” below.)

    Reinstate Your Suspended MS Driver’s License

    The requirements to reinstate your suspended license vary depending on the circumstances of your suspension.

    To reinstate your license, you may need to:

    • Complete an alcohol safety education program, if applicable.
    • Satisfy any court requirements and pay any fines.
      • If necessary, you can mail a copy of your court abstract to:
          Attn: Driver Records
          1900 E. Woodrow Wilson
          Jackson, MS 39216
    • Pay your reinstatement fees. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your Suspended MS License”below.) You can do so:

    The Mississippi Department of Public Safety will mail you a clearance letter when you’ve satisfied your reinstatement requirements.

    DUI Suspensions in Mississippi

    Under the Mississippi implied consent law, the DPS will suspend/revoke your license for at least 90 days if you are arrested on suspicion of a DUI/DWI and you:

    • Fail an alcohol breath test.
    • Refuse to submit to a BAC test.

    In either instance, your arresting officer will take your driver’s license and issue you a temporary license valid for:

    • 45 days for BAC test refusals.
    • 30 days for BAC test failures.

    In addition to MS DPS suspension penalties, you may also face court conviction penalties including:

    • Jail time.
    • Completion of an alcohol education and safety program.
    • Fines.
    Contact a Local Attorney

    Whether your license has been suspended for traffic violations or DUI, an experienced attorney can help you get back on the roads. Find a lawyer near you today.

    Fees to Reinstate Your Suspended MS License

    Below are general Mississippi DMV reinstatement fees. Your fees may vary depending on the reason for your suspended license.

    • Reinstatement fee: $25 or $100, depending on your suspension.
    • DUI and drug-related offense suspensions: $175.
    • Reinstatement for suspension caused by a bounced check: $10 (cannot be paid online).

    If you’d like to order your driving record through the MS DMV, it will cost you $11.

    Acceptable Forms of Payment

    The Mississippi DPS accepts the following forms of payment:

    • In person:
      • Cash.
      • Debit/credit card.
      • Certified check.
      • Cashier’s check.
      • Money order.
    • Online:
      • VISA.
      • MasterCard.
      • Discover.
      • American Express.

    NOTE: Checks and money orders must be made payable to “Department of Public Safety.” Personal checks are not accepted.

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