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  • Replacing a Lost License in Mississippi

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    Lost your license? You can apply for a duplicate Mississippi driver's license in person or online through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. If you apply for a duplicate online, all information must be the same. No changes will be made, and the license will be mailed to the address on the lost license.

    Acceptable Forms of ID

    If you apply in person at your local driver's license office, you will need to provide 2 forms of identification. You can either supply 2 of the following documents from the Primary Group, or 1 from the Primary Group and 1 from the Secondary Group.

    Primary Group

    • Driver's license (as long as it has not expired in the last 6 months).
    • Original or certified birth certificate (from the Bureau of Vital Statistics or State Board of Health bearing a raised seal).
    • State-issued identification card (as long as it has not expired in the last 6 months).
    • Certain U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS―formerly called Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS) documents (check with the state regarding specific documents).
    • Court order, such as for adoption or name or sex changes (but the order must contain your full name and date of birth).
    • Military identification.
    • Valid U.S. or Canadian passport (passports issued from any other country must be accompanied by appropriate USCIS documentation).

    Secondary Group

    • Bank statement.
    • Utility bill.
    • Paycheck stub with your name, Social Security number, and address.
    • Lease or purchase agreement.
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs Card or Indian Treaty Card (tribal identification cards will not be accepted).
    • Employer identification card.
    • Foreign birth certificate (translated by a state-approved translator).
    • IRS forms, state tax forms, or W-2 form.
    • Hospital or doctor medical records.
    • Military discharge or separation papers.
    • Affidavit from a parent or guardian (he or she must go in person and submit a certified or notarized affidavit stating that he or she is the parent or guardian).
    • Gun permit.
    • Pilot's license.
    • Certified school record or transcript.
    • Social Security card (nonmetal).
    • Student identification card with a photo.
    • Vehicle title or registration.
    • Voter registration card.


    The cost to receive a duplicate driver's license in Mississippi is $11. A duplicate ID costs $9, but will cost $14 if you are requesting a duplicate because you lost your original ID. Fees are payable by cash, debit, or credit card.

    When You're Away

    If you lose your license while traveling to another state or country, you don't have a lot of options. You'll either have to wait until you return to Mississippi to go in person to a driver's license office, or you can get the ball rolling by applying for a duplicate license online. Your new license will be sent to the address on file; someone at that address will have to then forward your license to you wherever you are staying.

    If your address has changed or you don't know certain information―such as your driver's license number―you have no other choice but to apply for a duplicate in person.

    It's a good idea when traveling to carry photocopies of your driver's license in a safe place, as well as another form of identification, such as your passport.


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