Replacing a Lost CDL in Mississippi

Replace a CDL In Person

Should your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) wind up lost or stolen, it can easily be replaced. Simply grab your Social Security card (metal ones are not acceptable), another form of identification such as a bank statement, and $6 to cover the replacement fee, head to the nearest driver's license office that handles CDLs, and apply for a replacement, or duplicate, in person.

Online Replacement

You may also request a duplicate online. This costs $10. You must:

  • Know your CDL number
  • Live at the address on record
  • Pay using a Mastercard, Visa, or American Express, or debit card

If you don't live at the same address anymore, the license won't be forwarded. Then you must come into an office and re-pay the fee.

The system will tell you whether a visit to an office is needed. For example, if it can't find your photo or information.


Although you are not required by law to obtain a police report in order to replace your CDL, it is wise to protect yourself from fraud and future problems by playing it safe and reporting the license stolen or lost.

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