Replacing a Lost CDL in Mississippi

For a nominal fee, you can get your new registration sticker with next day delivery. Learn more below.

Service Comparison State Motor Vehicle Agency
Online Registration
Same Day Processing
E-Copy of Registration No
Next Day Delivery No
Alternate Mailing Address Requires Address Change
Phone Support No
Convenience Fee $0 $29
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Typically, you must apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS); however, depending on your situation you MIGHT be able to apply online or using one of the state's self-serve kiosks.

For identity protection purposes, consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state authorities; also, remember it's illegal to operate any commercial vehicle without a valid CDL on you.

Apply for a Replacement CDL in MS

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) can issue you a replacement CDL in person.

Head to your local DPS office and:

  • Complete any application(s) required for a duplicate CDL.
  • Provide:
    • 2 documents proving identification.
      • You can provide 2 documents from the primary list OR 1 document from the primary list and 1 document from the secondary list.
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence.
    • Any required CDL-specific documents.
      • These could include your medical certificate or proof(s) of endorsement(s).
  • Pay the $11 fee.

NOTE: If you're currently out of state, contact the DPS for instructions on how to replace your lost CDL.

Online & Kiosk CDL Replacements

The MS DPS also provides an online system and self-serve kiosks to order replacement CDLs; these options MIGHT be available to you as a commercial driver.

  • Online: Visit the state's online ordering system.
    • If you don't have a valid photo, the MS DPS will notify you to visit a DPS office to have your photo taken.
  • Kiosks: Various self-serve kiosks are located throughout the state.
    • You CANNOT use a kiosk if:
      • You have any unpaid tickets.
      • There are any changes to your license (such as a name or address change).

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