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    Note:If your court is not listed please follow the instructions on your ticket

    Know Your Options

    Pay Ticket
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    Fight Ticket
    (Plead Not Guilty)

    • Contest traffic ticket via trial
    • Choose to represent yourself or hire an attorney
    • Possibly lose option to plea bargain for lesser penalties
    • No penalties if found guilty, but must pay court/attorney fees

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    What it Means to Pay Your MS Traffic Ticket

    Paying your traffic ticket is an admission of guilt. This means:

    • You have agreed to waive your right to a trial before a judge.
    • The violation appears on your driving record, which could, depending on your line of work, jeopardize your job status.
    • The violation appears on your driving record, causing an increase in your car insurance premiums.

    Pleading Guilty as a Mississippi CDL Driver

    After being convicted of a traffic violation, you must notify your employer within 30 days. This applies to all vehicles in all driving situations, regardless if it occurred in or out of state.

    Pleading Not Guilty

    If you feel you were ticketed in error, you possess the option to fight the ticket by pleading not guilty. This requires time and effort (court appearances, building a defense, possibly hiring a traffic ticket attorney), but may pay off with reduced charges or even a dismissed ticket. Learn more in our Fighting Your traffic Ticket section.

    Submit Your Plea on Time

    Every ticket posts a due date in which you must enter your plea by. In most instances you will be given 30 days to respond. You must enter a plea before this date expires to avoid additional fines, possible license suspension and even a bench warrant for your arrest.

    Pay Your MS Traffic Ticket

    After being cited, call the court listed on your MS traffic ticket for the fine amount. If the court has no record of your citation it probably means it has yet to be filed into the court's database. Wait at least seven days from the date of the citation before calling.

    If you cannot find your citation, learn what to do on our Lost Traffic Tickets page.

    Pay Online

    Some courts may offer online payment. This information will be explained, if available, on your Mississippi traffic ticket. In most instances you will need your citation number to pay online.

    Pay in Person

    Bring citation and payment to the court listed on your ticket. Accepted forms of payment vary. Some courts, for instance, will not accept personal checks. Call ahead to confirm.

    Pay by Mail

    Mail completed citation, along with a check, to the court address listed on your traffic ticket. Be sure to include the citation number on your check.

    Keep Ticket From Appearing on Your Driving Record

    Mississippi allows an opportunity to enroll in a defensive driving school to keep a traffic violation from appearing on your driving record.

    Again, keep in mind that this is a one-time opportunity. To receive credit the school must be approved by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Call your local DPS office for a list of approved programs.

    Check Your Driving Record

    You should always check your driving record for accuracy after being cited. Verify that all violations listed on your driving record are legitimate. Because accumulated violations could cause an unwarranted spike in your car insurance rates and/or prompt state officials to suspend your MS driver's license, be sure the state's record is correct.

    Shop for better Auto Insurance Rates

    If a traffic violation causes a dramatic increase in your auto insurance rates it may be time to look for a new provider. You can shop for car insurance coverage online by comparing rates from a list of auto insurance companies.