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    Welcome to Mississippi! Before you set out to explore your new state, you should take care of a few business matters because of the time limits involved.

    Get a Mississippi Driver's License

    Upon moving to the state, you must apply for your Mississippi driver's license if you wish to drive in the state. Simply make a trip to the nearest driver's license office with all the necessary documentation. You can get the scoop on everything you'll need in the section titled Applying for a New License.

    Register Your Vehicle

    You will also need to register your vehicle and apply for a new Mississippi car tag at your county tax collector's office within 30 days. The state collects a privilege tax, registration fees, ad valorem taxes and possible sales or use taxes when you apply for the tag. The registration fee for a new tag is $14; all other fees and taxes are based on the vehicle's value and the county where you live. For more registration information, go to Registrations.

    Note: When you buy a car in Mississippi, you only have 7 business days to register it with the State.

    Insure Your Vehicle

    Liability insurance is required in Mississippi, but it is not enforced through the tag or licensing offices. If a law enforcement officer stops you, he/she will ask for your proof of insurance, and you will be ticketed if you do not have it.

    The FUN Stuff

    After you arrive, you'll soon learn that the deep South has a plethora of wonderful assets. From the more than 100 miles of coastline to the antebellum plantations dotting the ever-changing landscape, Mississippi offers activities and pastimes sure to make you fall in love with your new state in no time.

    The area's food is as varied as its people. You'll experience down-home Southern fare such as savory grits and deep-fried catfish, big-city-style nouveau cuisine, and delectable and spicy regional offerings such as shrimp Creole and jambalaya. The Mississippi Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) is a great resource to sink your teeth into when it comes to finding the perfect eatery. With a click of your mouse you can search Mississippi restaurants by region.

    Also on the CVB website, you'll find links to your area's museums, historical homes, fine arts, landmarks, and agritourism attractions.


      Mississippi was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina. The state's tourism board advises that you call ahead to any Mississippi destination before making travel plans.