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  • License Plates & Placards in Mississippi

    SUMMARY: Mississippi License Plates

    To apply for license plates, register your vehicle at your county tax collector’s office. To renew your vehicle tags, renew your vehicle registration. Some counties offer online renewal, while others require you to renew by mail or in person. You can replace plates and decals if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

    Read below to learn more about Mississippi license plates and tags.

    Do you need disability parking access? Get helpful information from our Disabled Plates and Placards page.

    Types of Mississippi License Plates

    Most vehicles in Mississippi must have license plates, including:

    • Passenger vehicles and trucks.
    • Trailers (including boat trailers).
    • Motorized bicycles and mopeds.

    Your plate must be firmly attached to the back of your vehicle and have a valid registration decal in the lower right corner.

    The Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) issues license plates and registration decals.

    Specialty Plates

    You can get personalized plates and several special license plate designs from the MS DOR.

    The MS DOR is also responsible for issuing disability parking plates. Learn more on our Disability Plates and Placards page.

    Temporary Tags

    You can get a temporary tag from your car dealer when you purchase a vehicle.

    They are good for 7 business days from the day of purchase.

    Apply for Tags in Mississippi

    By registering your vehicle with the MS DOR, you’ll also be applying for Mississippi license plates.

    You must register within:

    • 30 days of becoming a MS resident.
    • 7 business days of buying a vehicle in a private sale.
      • 9 days, if you buy the vehicle outside your county of residence.

    If you buy a vehicle from a dealership, they’ll handle the paperwork for you.

    See our Vehicle Registration page for complete details, including documentation requirements and registration fees.

    Renew License Plates

    Renewing your registration will renew your license plates in Mississippi.

    This can be done either by mail, in person, or online in some counties.

    See our Registration Renewal page for more information, including online renewal availability and fees.

    Replace Your Vehicle Plates

    You must replace lost, stolen, or damaged license plates and decals.

    To get replacement license plates or decals, you’ll need to follow these steps:

    • Get a Lost or Stolen Tag Form (Form 76-903) from your county tax collector.
    • Take the form to your local law enforcement agency to be completed.
    • Submit the form and appropriate fees to your MS county tax collector’s office:
      • License plate and decal: $10.
      • Decal only: $2.50.

    Your Mississippi county tax office will issue you a new license plate and decal.

    Transfer or Surrender Tags

    Mississippi license plates CANNOT be transferred to a new vehicle or a new owner.

    You must surrender your plates to your MS county tax collector’s office when you no longer have your vehicle.

    You will get a credit for the unused portion of your registration to apply to the next vehicle you register with the MS DOR. The credit will be based on the date you surrender the license plate.

    If you do not register a vehicle in the same month you surrender the plate, you’ll get a credit certificate to use later.

    Fees for MS License Plates

    The fees below are for Mississippi license plates ONLY. They DO NOT include state and local taxes or fees for other services.

    • New standard plates/registration fee: $14 registration fee PLUS taxes. Contact your MS county tax office for fee estimates.
    • Renewal of standard plates/registration renewal fee: $12.75 PLUS taxes. Your county tax office in Mississippi can help you estimate your renewal fees.
    • Replacement license plates: $10.
    • Replacement decals: $2.50.

    Antique License Plates

    Mississippi considers any vehicle more than 25 years old to be an antique.

    Visit your local tax collector's office to complete an application for a special antique license plate. You will also need to pay a one-time $ 26 plate fee.

    This plate, which has the inscription "Antique Car-Mississippi," is permanent; no renewal is required as long as you own the vehicle. If you do sell the vehicle, you must turn in the plates to your local tax collector's office.

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