Fight Traffic Ticket in Mississippi

SUMMARY: How to Fight a Mississippi Traffic Ticket

To contest your traffic violation, you must submit a "not guilty" plea in person on your arraignment date. For detailed instructions, refer to your MS traffic ticket or contact the Mississippi county court handling your ticket.

Fighting a MS Traffic Ticket

You have several options for pleading to your MS traffic ticket:

  • Guilty.
  • Not guilty.
  • No contest.

You must notify the presiding court by the due date listed on your MS traffic citation. If you've misplaced your traffic ticket, visit our Lost Traffic Ticket page.

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

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paying your traffic ticket »

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Contest traffic ticket via trial.
  • Choose to represent yourself or hire an attorney.
  • Possibly lose option to plea bargain for lesser penalties.
  • No penalties if found guilty, but must pay court/attorney fees.

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What It Means to Fight Your MS Traffic Ticket

In Mississippi, fighting your MS traffic citation means:

  • You accept your right to a trial, with the intent of having traffic ticket charges reduced or dismissed.
  • You may represent yourself or hire a traffic ticket lawyer authorized to practice in Mississippi.
  • A judge may rule in your favor by reducing charges or dismissing the MS violation. However, you still must pay court and, if applicable, legal fees.
  • You may be found "guilty" by the court, in which case you must pay fines, court fees and, if applicable, legal fees.

Pleading Guilty or No Contest

Pleading either "guilty" or "no contest" forfeits your right to a court trial. Learn more on our Paying Your Mississippi Traffic Ticket page.

Enter Your Plea by Ticket's Due Date

You'll need to submit your plea by the due date listed on your traffic ticket. If you fail to respond, the court will impose a late fee and possibly suspend your MS driver's license. In extreme situations, the court may even issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Notify the Mississippi Court

To enter your "not guilty" plea, you must appear in person at the court listed on your Mississippi traffic ticket (you cannot enter your plea by mail or by phone). There are no exceptions. For instance, if you were cited in Biloxi but live in Tupelo, you still must settle your ticket with the Biloxi court listed on your citation.

After entering your plea, the court will schedule a trial date.

Hire a MS Traffic Ticket Attorney

If your budget allows, consider hiring a MS traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in court. A traffic ticket lawyer understands the ways of the court and Mississippi traffic laws, and will use this knowledge to better your chances for receiving a favorable verdict.

Prepare Your Traffic Ticket Case

If you opt against hiring legal counsel, you will need to prepare your own defense. This means gathering evidence, contacting witnesses, and, depending on your situation, perhaps ordering a copy of your MS driving record.

Plead Your Case Before a Judge or Jury

After hearing both sides, the judge will issue a verdict. If you're found "guilty," you will be informed on how to proceed with settling fines and fees. If you disagree with the decision, you do have the right to appeal.

Check Your Mississippi Driving Record

Regardless of the verdict, check your MS driving record after your trial. Look for accuracy. Make sure there are not extra citations. Since additional violations could lead to an increase in auto insurance rates or cause the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) to suspend your driver's license, you want to be sure the state's record is accurate.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates in Mississippi

If your auto insurance premiums exceed your budget after you receive points on your driving record, take the initiative to shop around for a new provider. The best way to do this is by comparing car insurance rates from a variety of MS insurance companies. This way you can make a confident decision on choosing a provider that best meets your coverage needs and budget.

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