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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Mississippi

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    MS Custom Built Car Registration

    The first step you'll take in registering your custom-built or kit car in Mississippi is applying for a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can download a PDF version of the Application for Mississippi Assigned Vehicle Identification Number to your computer for free using Adobe Reader. Complete the application and get an MVT-59 form from the Highway Patrol. This form should be completed by a State Trooper upon inspection of your custom-built vehicle, to ensure that it is roadworthy.

    When your paperwork has been processed and approved, your vehicle will be assigned a VIN. An employee of the State Tax Commission will personally deliver and inspect your vehicle, then attach the number.

    Just remember, you'll need to visit all of these offices and run errands in another vehicle until you've properly registered and tagged your custom car. Until you do so, it is not street legal.


    The Mississippi State Tax Commission has a wide variety of license plates for you to purchase for your car. The fees for each plate vary.