Lemon Law in Mississippi

Mississippi Lemon Law

Mississippi has a consumer protection law that protects consumers who buy faulty products. The Mississippi Office of the Attorney General is a great starting point if you have a purchased what could be classified as a "lemon" car.

Manufacturers are held responsible for lemons, rather than dealerships. Should you buy a car with continual problems, here are several tips that may help:

  • Be specific with your complaint and make it as soon as you realize there's a problem.
  • Save all of your repair receipts and copies of warranties.
  • When complaining by mail, be sure to give all of the details:
    • Make.
    • Model.
    • Complete description of your vehicle and specific details about the exact problem.
    • Attempts you have made to resolve the matter and your purpose in pursuing.
  • Keep copies and records of all correspondence―all letters, emails, record of phone calls.
  • Contact the Attorney General's office if you cannot get the matter resolved.

On this page you'll find an overview of some of the aspects of the Mississippi lemon law and the actions to take if you can't fix the issue with your vehicle's manufacturer.

Mississippi Lemon Law Criteria

The Mississippi lemon law protects you if you've purchased a new vehicle that has a defect that either:

  • Impairs its normal functions.
  • Makes it unsafe to drive.
  • Impacts the resale value of the vehicle.

Your vehicle is protected under the lemon law for the first 12 months after your purchase if it is still under the manufacturer's warranty.

Before you can take any legal action or receive a refund, you'll need to allow the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to fix the defect.

You'll need to send a written final repair notice by certified mail to the manufacturer if:

  • Your vehicle can't be fixed after 3 attempts.
  • Your vehicle has been in the shop for at least 15 days.

You are eligible to request your refund or replacement vehicle if:

  • The manufacturer fails to respond to your final request within 10 days.
  • The repairs cannot be made within 10 days after the final repair attempt begins.

For more information, please refer to the Consumer Guide to Mississippi's Lemon Law provided by the attorney general's office.

Filing a Mississippi Lemon Law Complaint

When you have determined that you may have purchased a lemon and have not been satisfied with the response from the manufacturer, you'll need to submit a complaint form to the Consumer Protection Division. Once you complete this form, attach copies of all your documentation and mail them to:

  • Consumer Protection Division
  • P.O. Box 22947
  • Jackson, MS 39225

Call (601) 359-4230 or (800) 281-4418 with any questions or concerns. This office will investigate your claim and possibly act as a mediator in resolving the dispute. It will not, and cannot, act as your attorney, so it would be wise for you to consult with an attorney if you do not get satisfaction from your original complaints.

If you wish to file a lawsuit or want legal advice, you should contact an attorney.

NOTE: You must try to settle your dispute with the vehicle manufacturer's informal dispute program, if it has one, before trying to settle the matter in court.

Mississippi Lemon Law Myths

The lemon law protects me from all purchases. FALSE. Most states make use of the Lemon Law, but each state can set its own guidelines as to what constitutes a lemon, and how a consumer is protected. When you buy a car, research its history and ask a mechanic to examine the car for you before you buy.

I can cancel my new car purchase in 3 days. FALSE. The right to cancel a contract in 3 days does not apply to vehicles. The law was created to protect consumers from door-to-door salesmen and other types of purchases made away from the standard place of business.

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