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  • Steps to getting your license
  • 50 essential study-guide questions
  • Traffic signs and signals

Before you can get a state-issued motorcycle license, you'll need to receive passing score on a written motorcycle knowledge test.

Benefits of Motorcycle Practice Tests

Here's how taking a few motorcycle practice tests before you head in for the written motorcycle knowledge test can benefit you:

  • You'll be less stressed on test day.
    • Familiarity with the format of the exam and the phrasing of the questions will give you comfort and confidence before you head in for the actual written exam.
  • It's a great way to find out what you know.
    • Motorcycle practice tests can help you determine how much of the information you've retained from studying your motorcycle license manual.
  • You'll save time and money.
    • A large percentage of first-time test takers don't pass the written motorcycle examination on the first attempt.
    • If you fail the motorcycle knowledge test, most states will require you to wait a predetermined number of days AND pay a fee before you can retest.
  • It'll make you safer on the road.
    • When you know the rules of the road like the back of your hand, you're less likely to get into an accident.

Test your knowledge today by taking our free practice test below OR a comprehensive motorcycle practice test from one of our trusted partners. Pretty soon you'll be able to get on your bike and ride!

Motorcycle License Practice Tests

100 Questions - Unlimited Motorcycle Practice Tests $14.99
50 Questions - Unlimited Motorcycle Practice Tests $9.99
50 Questions - Motorcycle Cheat Sheet $9.99

Free Motorcycle License Practice Test

1. The biggest cause of accidents involving a single motorcycle is:
2. If you plan to pass a vehicle, you should:
3. The best lane position to take is:
4. The safest type of eye protection is:
5. When riding in a group of motorcyclists, it is best to:
6. On your motorcycle, you don’t have to turn your head to check before you make a lane change because:
7. You should always check your mirrors when:

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