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Take a motorcycle practice test before applying for a motorcycle license or taking the written portion of the motorcycle permit test. We've created sample exams from our bank of motorcycle permit practice test questions to help you prepare for and pass your motorcycle test. Also consider studying the motorcycle handbook to reference all motorcycle safety rules and best practices. Here are a few free motorcycle test questions to get you warmed up:

Free Motorcycle License Practice Test

1. On your motorcycle, you don’t have to turn your head to check before you make a lane change because:
2. To stop or slow your motorcycle down, you should:
3. You can help make yourself more visible to other drivers by:
4. If you park your motorcycle at the curb, you should park it at:
5. The safest type of eye protection is:
6. A “wobble” can begin for many reasons, including load imbalance, under or over inflated tires, or mechanical trouble. If you experience a wobble, you should do all these things except:
7. While riding your motorcycle, the reason to allow plenty of space all around you is to:

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