511 Traffic Systems in Missouri

The 511 service is also known as America's Traveler Information Telephone Number.

Unfortunately, the 511 service is still under development in Missouri and there currently is no official timeline to bring 511 service statewide.

If you are traveling in one of the states with a fully active 511 system, however, you can quickly obtain travel information by simply dialing 511 from your phone. In addition, each state with an active 511 system has a special number you can use to access information when you're outside the area.

On the Web

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) maintains a website where you can find current information about road conditions, weather forecasts, construction work zones and major traffic incidents.

Responsible Cell Phone Usage

Although the 511 service can be a tremendous asset for frequent travelers, it's important to be cautious when calling from your cell phone. If possible, you'll want to pull over to a safe location before making the call. Distracted driving, especially in heavy traffic or under poor weather conditions, can be a serious safety hazard.

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